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All You Need to Know About Karndean & Amtico Flooring in Wirral

Simon Barnes Carpets & Flooring have been providing professional carpet and flooring services since 1982. A small, family-run company based in West Kirby, we specialise in carpets, luxury vinyl tiles, laminate flooring, Amtico flooring, Karndean flooring and wooden flooring. Our dedication to delivering products of the highest quality and customer care of a first-class standard, has seen us become one of the top flooring and carpet showrooms in the Wirral region.


On this page, we’ve provided a guide on some of the main types of carpet and flooring. From Karndean flooring and Amtico flooring, to twist carpets and laminate, there are a huge number of flooring options to choose from. As one of the leading flooring and carpet showrooms in Wirral, we stock a wide collection. Visit us to browse through our selection or call us on 0151 625 8499 for more information. We offer supply and fit flooring services.


Flooring Guide


Whether you’re torn between choosing Karndean flooring or Amtico flooring, wondering the difference between luxury vinyl tiles and laminate or trying to decide between a wood or stone effect, there are so many flooring options to choose from that it can often seem overwhelming. To help, here is a brief overview about the different styles of flooring we have at Simon Barnes Carpets & Flooring, one of Wirral’s reputable flooring and carpet showrooms.


Luxury vinyl tiles – A multi-layered type of vinyl covering, available in individual tiles, manufactured to replicated natural surface textures.


Laminate flooring – Harder than vinyl, laminate is made from high-density fibreboard and is best in areas where it won’t get too wet.


Wooden flooring – As part of our flooring services, we also specialise in hardwood floors, wooden flooring is made from real timber.


Karndean flooring – Stylish and practical range of luxury vinyl tiles, in realistic wood and stone styles.


Amtico flooring – British manufacturer of luxury vinyl tiles, known for their innovative designs and use of recycled materials.


Vinyl – normal vinyl comes in sheet form and is beneficial in places such as hospitals, for better hygiene control.


Carpet Guide


Choosing a new carpet, whether for a domestic or commercial property in Wirral, is a big decision. The right carpet can completely transform a room or building and it is important to make the right choice in terms of look and practicality. When browsing carpet showrooms for the perfect match and booking flooring services, you will come across terms such as pile, woven and tufted. Below, you can find brief descriptions of these common terms.


Woven – Traditional form of making carpets, where the pile and backing yarns are woven together with a loom.


Tufted – One of the most popular styles of carpet in Wirral, tufted carpets are made using specialised multi-needle sewing machines.


Pile – The amount of yarn used to make the carpet is known as pile, the deeper the pile the more luxurious the feel, but short pile is more hard wearing.


Twist – The number of times the carpet fibres have been twisted, carpets with a higher twist will be stronger and more resistant to foot traffic.


Wilton – A manufacturer of luxurious, high-quality carpets, known for using the traditional Wilton weave method which involves weaving the yarn in a continuous thread.


Velvet – Another luxurious carpet covering, with a dense pile and cut pile finish to create a very soft and velvety finish.


If you are interested in finding out more about our range of carpets and flooring or would like to book supply and fit flooring services with our professional team, call 0151 625 8499.

Looking for carpet showrooms in Wirral? Visit our store to browse through an excellent range of carpets, laminates and luxury vinyl flooring tiles such as Amtico flooring, Karndean flooring.

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